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What is Feng Shui?

In yoga we talk a lot about prana and chi, the life force that is within each of us. The practices of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath work) and meditation all help to foster healthy personal chi. But it doesn’t stop there… as persons we all live in homes which also have chi or qi (both pronounced the same way) as it’s referred to in the discipline of feng shui that I study, BTB Feng Shui.

Our home is affected by our personal qi and our personal qi is affected by our home. The two cannot be separated. Keep reading...

What’s involved in a feng shui consult?

What’s involved in a consult you may wonder? Look no further, I’m here to explain the mystery.

Full Home Consult

Do you have goals in your life that you need a little help moving towards? Perhaps you have some challenges that just won’t go away. You are dedicated to building a life that works for you and have an open mind to try new things.  If that sounds like you, feng shui may be the key to unlocking the next level for you.  Working together to look at your home with a feng shui lens can help you remove blockages and level up. 

Bedroom Consult

If you’re interested in feng shui but don’t want to commit to a full home session, then a bedroom consult is for you. Our bedrooms are where we spend time resting, healing and are our most intimate spaces. Looking at your room with a feng shui eye and making some changes can see big results! A little can sometimes go a long way. 

Real Estate Feng Shui

Are you trying to sell your home and envision offers coming in quickly? Want to stand out over other homes in the market?  Looking at your home through a trained feng shui eye, I can help you identify potential issues that buyers would see or feel subconsciously.  A few small shifts could mean your home sells quickly and with ease.

Feng Shui for Commercial

From physical store fronts to office spaces, applying the principles of feng shui can mean increased number of customers and happier employees.  Let me help you see where there might be barriers to success and also set your business up to help you achieve your goals. What do you have to lose?

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