Meet Susan

Welcome to Aligned Feng Shui, I’m Susan 😊 I’m grateful to have you here! 

Many of you have known me as The Office Yogi. And although I’m not teaching yoga these days, it’s still a big part of my life and is the reason I’ve transitioned to Susan’s Aligned Life. The word ‘alignment’ is used a lot in yoga classes and it’s a word that has stuck with me.  

Alignment, for me, is a guide of how I try to live my life. I’m not strict but I do like to focus my time and energy on things that are important to me.  

In 2021, that focus on alignment led me to study and become certified as a Feng Shui Consultant with Mindful Design School. I’m excited to combine the knowledge personal energy (chi, qi, prana) I gained in my yoga training with what I learned about the qi of our homes and communities through feng shui. To live a full and aligned life we need to look the whole picture. Our home is affected by our personal qi and our personal qi is affected by our home, the two cannot be separated.

If feng shui piques your interest you can learn more by heading over to my blog and read about my offerings by hitting the home button above.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you ever feel moved to comment or email, please do. The thing I miss the most about teaching yoga is the interaction with the wonderful people who came to my classes. I’d love to hear from you!