What’s involved in a
feng shui consult?

What it’s involved in a consult you may wonder? Look no further, I’m here to explain the mystery.

I’ll jump my offerings and pricing right away and details of what each entails is below. I offer a 2-hour consult + 30 minute follow up for $320.00 + HST and the 45-minute one-room consult for $90.00 + HST.

My main offering is a two-hour session that can be done in person (if you live in St. John’s) or virtually via zoom. Before our session I ask you to complete a questionnaire and provide floor plans for your home. These floor plans can be hand drawn or more formal. I’ll provide you with more details about both when you sign up with me.

During our consultation we will review your feng shui astrology (9 Star Ki), go over your questionnaire answers which help me understand what parts of life and your home are most important to focus on and then review your floor plan. We look at the flow of your home and how it affects the energy of your home and those who live there.

There are two types of adjustments I provide, mundane and transcendental. Mundane adjustments may include moving furniture, adding items like houseplants or mirrors and looking at colours and shapes. Transcendental adjustments are more energetic in nature, some may call a bit woo 😉

How far we go down that woo path will be up to you. There is never any pressure to do more than you want and in fact, doing something you’re not comfortable with (e.g., doing meditations or using crystals) is not in the spirit of cultivating positive energy (qi). Being open to new ideas… yes, doing something you don’t feel good about… no. 

My philosophy when I taught yoga and now in my feng shui practice is to meet people where they are.

After your consult I will be available to answer any questions for one month following. We can schedule a 15 minute follow up in that time if you desire.

I think it’s also important to address what a feng shui consult is not.  It’s not an interior design session. I do talk about colour, shape, texture but sometimes we actually may want to park our ideas of ‘good design’ to be open to beneficial adjustments. It’s also not about buying a lot of new furniture or items for your home. I may recommend things like mirrors, plants, windchimes or crystals but no large ticket items. I’ll help you source anything I recommend as well.

If a full 2-hour session feels like a lot for you to start off with, I do have a 45-minute one room (a bedroom or office) consult. I would need the layout of the room we are to review but there won’t be a questionnaire for you to complete.

The cost of a 2-hour consult is $320.00 + HST and the 45-minute one room is $90.00 + HST.