What is Feng Shui

In yoga we talk a lot about prana and chi, the life force that is within each of us. The practices of asana (yoga poses), pranayama (breath work) and meditation all help to foster healthy personal chi. But it doesn’t stop there… as persons we all live in homes which also have chi or qi (both pronounced the same way) as it’s referred to in the discipline of feng shui that I study, BTB Feng Shui.

Our home is affected by our personal qi and our personal qi is affected by our home. The two cannot be separated.

Just like in a yoga practice we notice the quality of our prana, where it may be stuck and how to help it flow more smoothly, the practice of feng shui does all that for the qi in our homes. What is the flow? Where does it need a bit of help? It is flowing too quickly, too slow or is it stuck?

To understand the qi of our homes we look at a few things. 

The layout of a home and its surroundings is one of the main parts of the practice. There is a map that we lay on our properties, homes and individual rooms to understand how certain parts of the home correspond with areas of our lives, the physical body, emotions, the seasons, natural elements, animals… the list goes on. This map, called the bagua is used to adjust the flow of qi to help us find more harmony in our lives

Download Bagua Map

Another thing we look at on a personal and home levels is connection of elements. Water, earth, fire, wood and metal are the natural elements that we study. Seeing them in balance in nature and understanding how we can increase or decrease them in our homes can help us tap into that peaceful vibe we feel whenever we are in a natural setting.

Feng shui touches every aspect of our life. It’s about bringing our lives back into harmony and making our homes places that support us. Whether you are looking for clarity on your career or life’s purpose, would like to invite in more abundance or enhance your romantic life, feng shui can help.