Ease: A feng shui guide to realizing your goals.

Released on the Lunar New Year.

From: Easton Mok on Unsplash

Do you feel like early January is a harsh time to jump into 2024 planning and goal setting? I know I do! So when I learned more about the Lunar New Year I immediately felt connected to it’s fresh start vibe.

The Lunar New Year is always on the second new moon after the winter solstice. For 2024 that is February 10th.  It’s the first day of sprint in the lunar-solar calendar.

To coincide with this fresh start, I’ve created Ease: A feng shui guide to realizing your goals in 2024.  In this self-paced workshop I offer feng shui wisdom and tangible actions to help you make your dreams a reality.

So sit back, ease your way into 2024 and then join me as I help you tap into a more aligned way to live your life.

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