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Feng shui has been a daily part of my life for years now and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it has changed my life.

I met my husband, created financial abundance and recovered to ‘even better than before’ after a major surgery. Those things happened because I focused on feng shui consistently.

Today I’m sharing with you three ways I use feng shui almost every day.

Spend time writing in the command position.

There’s a chair in our living room where I write in my journal almost every day.  The chair is in the corner and from it I can see the whole room including all entryways. This means that it’s in the command position. Check out my last post for more on the command position.

In that position I’m able to feel grounded and calm and work though my thoughts and feelings through my writing.  I’ve found so much clarity doing this consistently.

As a bonus my command corner is in the self reflection/self cultivation area of our home. This was just a lovely coincidence; one I realized when I laid the bagua map (feng shui’s energy map) on our home. It’s most important to be in the command position (see all entry ways to the space you are in), regardless of where you are on the bagua map.

Connect to nature daily.

I might not get out for a hike every day but in some way I notice what’s going on in the natural world and work to live in harmony with it. Whether it’s what is happening to the plants and trees, the amount of daylight we experience at any given time of the year or even what moon phase we are in, I try to pay attention.

Paying attention helps me feel connected to the bigger picture and that in turn often helps me find clarity in why I’m feeling a certain way.

Everything in nature is a cycle and remembering  that we live through cycles too (sometimes we are tired, sometimes we have energy, etc.) makes me less hard on myself. ‘Ease’ is one of the big drivers of my life and I know I’m more at ease when I’m tuned in.

Keep the energy of our home fresh.

I know that when the energy of our home is fresh, I feel more energetic. Things I do include opening windows, sweeping floors or changing up décor.

A feng shui cure to help give you a kick start is to move 9 things around in your home. Give it a try and see how you feel!

Now I am the first to admit that I am on the extreme end of tidiness. I always have been, it’s part of my DNA (Virgo rising here) but I also know that a little can go a long way. So even if you are not tidy inclined like me, just try opening your windows or clearing your desk or countertop.  

A little goes a long way… set your timer for 5 minutes and… GO!

Your home and surroundings affect your well being, and how fortunate it is to live somewhere we feel safe and secure. With those basic needs met, using our homes as a catalyst for our dreams and goals is a privilege that we can quite easily embrace.

Your home supports you, it plays a key role in your life and it wants to support you. When you open to the possibility that it can… wonderous shifts can happen!

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