A fir tree with decorations consisting of red bulbs and white hearts.
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“If you think you are enlightened, go and spend a week with your family.”  This quote from spiritual leader Ram Dass has always been one of my favourites, especially around this time of year!  

We feel like we have everything under control and head into the holiday season feeling prepared and then bam… something or someone throws us off our game. It happens to all of us.

I’m a big fan of journaling to work through the tough times and am trying to get back into my meditation practice but I also now employ the wisdom of feng shui to help with life’s challenges.

Here are three things you can try when you feel like you need a boost, fresh start, to let go… you know what I mean.

Clear your space:

Everyone has an energy vibe about them. I’m sure you can relate. Some people’s presence lights you up while others bring you down. If your home is full of different energies, a great practice is to clear your space.

Scents and sounds both work. You could use your favourite incense and move through your home… get into the corners, go high and low. You can also spray an essential oil blend, orange is an uplifting one. If scents don’t work for you, you can use bells or clap your hands or even sing your way around your home.

One of my favourite things to do is to open windows to let the old air out and fresh air in!

Put yourself in command at your stove, desk and bed:

Being in command means that you can see the entry way to the space you are in. It’s most important to be in command when you are cooking, working and sleeping. It’s so good for your nervous system, which we know can take a hit this time of year. 

If you can’t move your furniture, you can use mirrors. Place a mirror so that you can see behind you. Check out my blog post on the command position for more detailed info.

Tune into nature:

Get outside if you can… go to the trees, the water, the earth.

Connecting to what is happening in the natural world is calming to our nervous system and often helps put things into perspective.

If you can’t get out as much as you would like, bring the outside in. Tis the season for Christmas trees, wreaths and centerpieces. If you can, choose real greenery. A vase filled with green boughs is fairly easy to pull together.  You can cut them yourself or buy greenery.

Our homes directly affect our wellbeing and so when we look at our spaces and see how we can use them to support us, we often find it’s a game changer.  Your home wants to support you!

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