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There is a chair in our living room that everyone who visits gravitates to. It’s also my favourite place to sit, especially in the morning when I am reading and writing.

This particular chair is in the corner of the room. From it you can see out the front window, the front door, the hallway and stairway. Which I think is the reason people like to sit there.

Why? Because when you sit in that chair you can see everything that’s in front of you and, save for maybe a spider in the corner, you know that there is nothing going to surprise you from behind.

We call this position the ‘command’ position in feng shui and it’s one of THE most important concepts in the type of feng shui I practice, BTB feng shui.

While it’s nice to sit in a chair that’s command, it’s not the most important thing to have in command in your home.

The three areas of your home that should be in command are:

Your stove

Your desk

Your bed

Let’s look at each one…

Your stove:

Your stove is where you cook to nourish yourself and your family. In feng shui it is tied to both health and wealth. Health is the greatest form of wealth but also, to work and make a contribution to the world and increase your monetary wealth, it’s beneficial to have your health.

It makes sense then, that since the stove is tied to health and wealth, you want to feel in control when you are cooking there. You should be able to see all the entry ways to the kitchen so that no one can enter the room and surprise you while you are cooking.

If your stove is positioned such that you cannot see a doorway (as is the case in our kitchen) you should put a small mirror next to the stove so that when you look into it, you can see the doorway behind you.

Your desk:

A lot of us work from home these days and even if you don’t you may have a space where you do your personal work or where you or your kids study.

When you are sitting at your desk you want to be able to see what’s coming at you and feel like you are in control of your career.

Think about a C level executive… she would NEVER sit with her back to the door of her office. And not only is she not back-on to the door, she’s also not close to it either. Her desk is usually positioned in front of the wall furthest away from the door.

You deserve to command that level of attention and control as well. 

If you cannot move your desk to have a direct view of the door, use a mirror in the same way you did with your stove. Position it so you can see the doorway behind you.

This is ESPECIALLY important to do if you live in cubical world like I use to. Rarely are cubicles designed so the person is able to see the entry way to their space. How many times did I get startled by someone coming up behind me unexpected. A simple mirror can make that issue go away.

Your bed:

When you are lying in your bed, you should be able to see out the doorway into the hall, even if the door is partially closed. If you are not able to see out into the hallway, then you are not in command.

Being in command when we rest allows our nervous system to relax, it can help us sleep more soundly and help with undesirable dreams.

Our bed wasn’t in the command position so I put a mirror in a corner so that when I looked in it from the bed, I could see out the door. You may need to get creative on what kind of mirror you put on the floor or wall, but you can figure it out!

Ideally you move your bed but if you can’t… use a mirror. Also you don’t want to line your bed up directly in front of the door which can also make you feel exposed.

To close…

Life can throw us curveballs, there is no doubt about that, but wouldn’t it be nice to see what is coming towards you and both open yourself up to the possibilities and prepare for what’s ahead?

Make these three adjustments and let me know how it goes!

And if you have questions or thoughts, I’d love to hear them. Hit reply or comment below.

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