I debated whether to cover this topic in the month of Valentine’s Day but I figured why fight the love bug… just jump on the bandwagon. Whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day and all that comes with it, learning more about feng shui for love can never be a bad thing.

In this post I’ll share a bit about the area of your home that’s associated with love and relationships but also some tips that aren’t specific to a certain area.

Love area of your home:

As I’ve posted about before, the bagua map (get your copy here) is divided up into 9 sections or guas. Each gua relates to a certain aspect of our lives. Kun is the gua associated with love and relationships… marriage but also relationships in general and your relationship with yourself (the most important relationship of all). This gua is located in the top right of the bagua. It’s an area to focus on if you want to call in a romantic partner, enhance any relationship you are currently in (romantic or otherwise) or focus on the relationship you have with self. To enhance this you may want to add any symbols that represent love and healthy relationships. The colour is pink and the shape is square or flat so any items with these characteristics, mindfully placed, will help enhance this area.

Calling in a partner:

I’ve said this to a few people lately but looking for a life partner is a lot like looking for a job. You have to put the work into it and it’s often not fun! Blind dates and job interviews are not the top of my fun list and heaven knows I’ve had a lot of both in my life. As part of this ‘calling in the one’ project, a good exercise is to take a look at your home and see if it’s set up for someone else to spend time in it.

Do you have a nightstand on each side of your bed? – If you want to share your bed with another person, it’s nice to have room for them to put their things. Nothing worst than having to put your glass of water, eye drops or ear plugs (I’m a high maintenance sleeper, lol) on the floor next to the bed.

Is your bed pushed up against a wall? – Well then you definitely don’t have two nightstands but not only that, crowding someone against the wall or making them crawl over you to get in and out of the bed isn’t really that welcoming. Talk about feeling trapped. Even a small space to move around each side of the bed is beneficial.

Are your drawers and closet choc-o-bloc full? – If so, you’re not providing space for someone to share your home with. Can you create some blank space, maybe an empty drawer, to signify that you have space in your life for someone else’s things?

What signals are the items in your home sending? – Do you have things in pairs or just one (e.g. candle sticks, lamps, nightstands (as already mentioned), etc. Does your artwork (esp. in the bedroom and in Kun) feel warm or dark and cold? There’s no wrong artwork but you probably don’t want a picture of a single figure in your room.

Taking care of you:

How do you feel in your home? Is it a place of refuge or oasis that fills you up or does it feel cold and draining? Show yourself and your home love by bringing in live plants, flowers, candles. Set your bathroom up to be spa like with nice towels and bath products. Where is your favourite place to spend time? Can you set your home up to reflect some of the qualities of that space?  Is your stove working and do you use it? Cooking for ourselves is a form of self-love.

Taking care of yourself is a big part of the love aspect of feng shui. Kun, the gua I discuss above, is also related to Mother Earth and nurturing so think about how you can reflect that in your home. It’s not selfish, it’s essential, to increase your personal qi (put on your oxygen mask first as they say) so that you are able to enter into relationships from a healthy place of security, groundedness and confidence. Be the person you want to be in a relationship with… any kind of relationship.

Intention is very importing in the BTB Feng Shui tradition so if you do anything I suggest above, think about your intention and keep your attention to it as you mindfully make adjustments.

If any of this resonated with you or you have a question, I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time… sending you boatloads of loving vibes.


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