Spring is a time of new beginnings. We can see it in our gardens, the tips of the spring flowers are starting to show and the buds are emerging on the trees. In my garden I get excited when I see the garlic we planted in the fall start to poke up above the soil.

The equinox (which I’m always extra excited for as it usually falls on my birthday, March 20th) is the beginning of when the amount of daylight is greater than the darkness, peaking on the summer solstice of June 21st. With the increased light and *somewhat* warmer temps there’s a feeling of increased energy and vitality in the air.

Many people focus on setting goals during the calendar or lunar new year but I always find my energy to be rather low and reflective that time of year. Which is natural cause if you look in nature… there’s not a lot of visible growth happening.  It feels more right to me to look at my goals and growth around the spring equinox, when we can start to see the natural world waking up.

It’s a time of new beginnings and tapping into that energy, we often do some cleaning of our homes and start new projects. There is an area of the bagua map (more on that here if you aren’t familiar with it yet) that is associated with new beginnings. This area also relates to family (all types of family… extended, birth, new, work) and the heart chakra. The colour associated with this area is green and the number is three.

If you are interested in harnessing the spring vibe here are three feng shui inspired actions you could take.

Buy a new houseplant(s) or transplant some you already have.

Since the number three is associated with spring and new beginnings, you could buy three new plants or transplant three that you already own. Houseplants invite in the growth (wood) energy with their up and outward growth. There’s nothing like seeing new shoots on a plant to give you a boost of energy.

Embrace the colour green.

Green accents in our homes (think flowerpots, cushions, art, etc.) or for our  bodies (could be clothing, accessories or jewelry) can help us absorb the fresh spring energy vibe. As I type this I wonder if there’s any connection to the fact that green is associated with St. Patrick’s Day which happens to be just before the first day of spring.

Open your windows and doors and clean them.

If you live in a northern climate, chances are your windows haven’t been opened in awhile! The first day that it’s reasonable to open the windows, do it! Even if just for a few minutes. Let the stale energy out and invite fresh air in. Let any thing you want to let go of leave with the old air to make space for the new. It’s amazing what a little fresh air circulation will do for our spirits.

It’s also a good time to clean your windows. Windows represent our eyes and so clear windows can help with clarity of your vision. If you are doing some planning and setting new goals then clarity is always useful!

Bonus Tip.

Freshen up your front entry way, inside and out. On the outside, get rid of the winter wreath if you had one hanging, replace your winter mat and sweep your steps. Inside shake out your rug amd organize your closet. Clean your door inside and out and set an intention to invite in fresh new qi. The front door of our homes is the main entrance of qi so giving it a bit of extra love can be very powerful.

I’d love to hear from you, do you have any rituals that you do to welcome spring? Hit reply below and let me know!

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