Interesting tidbit from my life… my mom is always noticing front door colours and puts a lot of thought into painting her front door, she changes it more than anyone I know. She also likes having door windows that open or a screen door to let the air and light come in. Before I started to study feng shui I didn’t really think that much about front doors but now I know my mom was tapping into some innate feng shui wisdom.

How about your front door… do you like its colour? Did you pick the colour and if yes for any particular reason? Do you use your front door? And finally… how does going in and out of your home make you feel? Ever given that any thought?

Before I talk about colour, I want to talk about the importance of using your front door. In feng shui, the front door of your home is considered the mouth of qi and can play a big role in how the qi flows in and out of the home. Using your front door is important so try to use it at least one time a day. If it’s not the main way you enter and exit your home, maybe just open it, step outside and come back in every so often. Not using your front door can block the flow of beneficial and uplifting qi into your home and keep stale qi hanging around for too long.

Now on to the colours. Have a read through what each colour represents in feng shui and maybe it might inspire you to paint your door a particular colour. If you don’t like a colour though, don’t use it just because you think it might help. Bottom line is you want to feel good when you see the door!

  • Green – represents family, new beginnings and growth. This might be a good colour to choose if you want to enhance your family’s relationship or are starting something new.  
  • Purple – represents abundance, prosperity and wealth. Need I say more… bring on the wealth with purple! But it’s not limited to financial wealth, if you feel lack in your life purple is a way to flip that switch to abundance.
  • Yellow or Brown– represents health. For you, your family, pets… whoever shares your space.
  • Grey – represents helpful people and travel. A great colour if you want to see more of the world outside your front door or if you are looking for helpful people in your life.
  • White – represents children creativity and completion. If you want harmony with your children and for them, it’s a good colour. Also if you have trouble completing things then white can help. Note on white though… don’t just leave the door unpainted and call it a day. There needs to be mindful effort put into enhancing your door so pick a white you like.
  • Blue – Light blue represents growth, like green and the darker blues represent self knowledge, cultivations of skills and spirituality. What blue calls to you or works for you?
  • Black – represents career and path in life. To enhance your purpose and fulfillment with your career and life, black is your colour.
  • Red or Deep Orange – represents fame, reputation and good luck/fortune. Red for a door is fortuitous in feng shui and you might hear that it’s THE colour to use, but you don’t have to…only if it calls to you.
  • Pink or Peach – represents love and relationships. If you want to work on any relationship include partnership, family, with yourself…go for it and paint your door pink or peach.

So all that should give you some food for thought if you are looking to paint your door this spring or summer. What do you think? Does anything resonate with you? Remember only pick a colour you like because you want to feel good when you walk towards your door. There is no wrong colour to choose!

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  1. I love looking at front doors too- a nice red door is like lipstick on the face of a house. Nice opportunity to have him with an accent colour. Love learning about what the colours represent. Thanks Susan!

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