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As I walked to the restaurant on a cold February evening, the mantra I had on repeat was “please let this my last blind date, please let this be my last blind date”. I was 39, soon to be 40, and was about to go on (what felt like) my 1000th blind date!

This particular time, my friend had set me up with a friend of her boyfriend’s.  We met, had a drink, a nice chat and agreed to meet again. That was 10 years ago and my wish came true… it was my last blind date. Sometimes I still cannot believe that the girl who hadn’t been in a relationship for longer than two years prior to meeting Roger is now celebrating 10 years with him.

So as a serial dater, what made this relationship stick?! Simple answer… feng shui.  

Let me explain.

Months before my first date with Roger I realized that something had to give. I wasn’t having any luck in the relationship department and decided that ‘if I want something different, I have to do something differently’.

I had been dabbling in feng shui for years so dusted off my two dog-eared books and read up on ‘feng shui adjustments for love’.

I focused on my bedroom and the love and relationships area of my home. I looked at my artwork, the colours I was using in my home, my possessions and the space, or should I say lack of it, I had for someone to come into my home. I made changes to ensure my home wasn’t a single girl’s paradise but rather a nest where two people could grow together.

Just after I made some changes in my home, a self-help book came into my life. I can’t remember how it came to me, but when I heard about it, I knew I had to read it. This book requires you to reflect on thought patters, beliefs and behaviours… including the oh so sneaky ways we self sabotage.

In feng shui was also talk about doing the mundane work.

So on top of doing the feng shui adjustments and the self refection I had to put myself out there and date. I honestly never had a problem with that over the years, hence why I felt like I’d gone on a 1000 dates.

Fast forward to today…

Roger and I have been happily building a life together for 10 years. We love to spend time together outside, we love to travel and we are each other’s best friend. We have our moments like everyone but our plan is for 10 years to turn into forever years.  To sound really corny… all my romantic dreams have come true.

If you want to learn some of the specific feng shui adjustments I did to help my romantic life and the book I used, reach out, I’d love to chat more and hear from you!

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