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Hey there!

How are you feeling? It’s a favourite question of mine that I love to ask my husband, friends and family.

So… how are you feeling this time of year? Is the season of giving leaving you feeling a little lacking? Maybe it’s a feeling that you don’t have enough time or you are feeling uncomfortable about the amount of money you are spending. Perhaps you’re feel a bit down around a relationship or lack of in your life.

First let me say that I feel you on ALL of the above.

One of the things I am working on in my life is the predominate feeling I have that I do not have enough time. Which is silly because I 100% do. But for some reason I always feel like I am behind the 8 ball and get stressed by the clock way more than I’d like.

I also feel a bit tense around the amount of money I am spending this year. Not just on Christmas gifts but it seems like there have been a number of big expenses in my business and home lately.  I’m grateful I can pay for all of it but it doesn’t always feel relaxing to do so.

Finally, while I am content with the relationships in my life right now it wasn’t always that way. For many, many, MANY years I was searching and hoping for someone special to spend the holidays with.

All that to say, I’ve been there or currently am there and am writing this blog and sharing the following tips as much for me as for you.

Here’s what I’ve got for ya:

  • To give yourself more time – let go and say no. Are there things you are doing this time of year that you really don’t enjoy and don’t have to do? For me one of those things was baking. I used to bake cookies this time of year cause it seemed like that was the thing to do. However a couple of years ago I realized that I do not like to bake! Wow, it was so freeing when I make that declaration. Luckily there are lots of people who do and so I buy whatever treats I want to have around.
  • I love lists. I make lists every day. My daily to-do list but also have gift lists, shopping lists, grocery lists, etc. I like to write down all the things that are swirling around in my head. I use paper and my phone. It helps me see that often there’s not as much as I think. But when there is a lot, I prioritize. It also clears the clutter out of my head. I don’t need to remember that anymore cause it’s written down.
  • To help counter some of the lack feelings I have around time, money and relationships  I flip the switch and focus on gratitude instead. It might sound trite but gratitude truly is the gateway to abundance. Being grateful for what I DO have always puts me in a better headspace. I know when I’m feeling stressed or highly annoyed (yup, it happens!), I am forgetting gratitude. It is a daily practice and does require attention but like anything, the more you practice it, the easier it will get. Start by making a list of 5 things you are grateful for each day. I like doing it at the end of the day and not repeating the same thing for at least a week. It can become like a game, to figure out what you are going to add to your list each day.
  • The wealth and prosperity area of your home or any room is in the back left corner when you are standing in the doorway.  Focus on this area to enhance your feelings of abundance. Clean it up, add some house plants, the colour purple or symbols or artwork that represent abundance to you. In our home I’ve hung a quote from Wayne Dyer ‘ Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into’. It helps me remember to come back to the idea of gratitude and that abundance is all around us, we just need to focus on it.
  • Bring a bowl of nine oranges into your home. Oranges are very auspicious in feng shui, representing good luck and prosperity. Keep the bowl on your table or kitchen counter, eat the oranges savoring the taste and smell. Replace the fruit you eat. Any type of oranges will do so if you see clementines or tangerines in the store this time of year, consider doing this feng shui adjustment.

With any feng shui adjustment, think about your intention… what is your dream or goal, and then focus your attention on your intention.

I hope these tips resonated with you and help you feel a bit more abundance during this time of giving. If you have any tips, hit reply to this email and let me know. I’m always looking for good abundance tips!

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