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I recently had a conversation with a fellow yogi about how tired we were both feeling. We had joked that the night before we had both put our PJs on before 7pm. That’s actually a regular nightly occurrence for me this time of year.

It’s comforting to know that many of us feel a drop in energy this time of year.  And you know what… it’s not only a-ok… it’s what’s natural.

Take a look at the natural world around you. If you do spend time outside, have you noticed there are fewer animals around, only a few hardy birds and no bugs! And we all know that bears have headed into hibernation for the next few months.

The trees and plants have gone dormant and if you have houseplants, you may notice their growth changes this time of year too.

Nature is slowing down, so why do so many of us (my hand is up) think that when we feel a lack of energy this time of year there is something wrong.

In feng shui it’s metal season. A time when we start to prepare for being inside more, we simplify our homes and lives, let go of what is not serving us.

So tell me, is there something you can do to support yourself more this time of the year instead of trying to push against what’s natural?

Maybe give yourself permission to hunker down at home in the evenings, put on your PJs after (or before and call it loungewear 😉) dinner. Light candles, turn on the twinkle lights, cozy up with a thick blanket.

Sleep more if you feel you need it, get out for a walk instead of a run. Embrace a yin yoga class. Skip the cold salads and eat more soups and stews.

Set your living space to support you. Those candles and lights I mentioned help soften the coolness of the metal element. The colours red and orange make things feel cozier.

And if you need inspiration to understand that you are still thriving, even when you slow down, remember that Christmas cacti need cooler shorter days to produce their flowers.  

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    1. Hi Christine
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I love a good metaphor… and flowering houseplant 😉 so I’m happy to hear it resonated with you.

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